CEO Message

Advocate Muhammad Younus



Our aim is to make LEADS LAW COLLEGE a first-class leading institute of Pakistan. Our College has a seasoned and research-oriented faculty attuned to imparting qualitative legal education to the law aspirants. Leads Law College is characterized by the sheer quality of its faculty, staff, and students. It enjoys a reputation to work towards the cause of higher learning and intellectual growth in the country. Legally skilled professionals are need of the day. At Leads Law College, we provide a philosophical learning environment to build great future lawyers and laureates of Pakistan. Our core values are honesty, research, fresh knowledge, persistent hard work, and discipline. We have confidence that education is for improving the lives of people and for leaving our community and world better than we found. All the excellent paraphernalia and resources are provided to adequate the student with the latest legal knowledge and research. With excellent training we have two key priorities;

Firstly we make sure that students are corporate-ready by instilling in them not just good academic grades but developing a well-rounded personality.

Secondly, we play a role in connecting the students with the judicial system which is achieved through initiatives like Bar internships, case hearings, Moot competitions, and so on.

Another aim is to carry forward the legacy of the rich educational and intellectual heritage which is proud to have inscribed names of outstanding personalities. We continue our indefatigable pursuit towards excellence by refining quality educational programs that prepare students for leadership positions and the challenges of the leading world.

We assure you that at LLC, you will acquire your prescription for success!

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