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2. About CALPS

The Center for Advanced Legal and Policy Studies (CALPS) is a research center of the Leads Law College, Lahore. The center focuses on socio-legal research and policy studies, to create invaluable knowledge. 


Our vision is to integrate, innovative, and practically spearhead the empirical research on socio-legal perspective with the scholastic activities, and to create invaluable knowledge center for society through the team efforts of students, faculty, research participants, supervisors, and through an alliance with other stakeholders’ i.e. Legislative bodies & policy-makers etc.”


Our mission is to conduct empirical research on socio-legal perceptive, in order to create knowledge, skills, and tools that enhance socio-legal research, not only in the students but also in the faculty as well as the associated academia.


  • To increase the transparency, fairness, accuracy, and efficiency of legal processes in society. 
  • Conduct research in specific legal fields. 
  • Developing solutions that help make legal decision-making more precise and effective.
  • Practical integration of all research operations.
  • Promote a culture of critical studies and research in general and for the benefit of society as a whole.

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     Address: Leads Law College 284, Block-2, Sector C1, Shah Jilani Road, Township, Lahore.

     Mail:                Alternatively:

     Phone: +92-42-35465143          

     Whatsapp # 0300-0900616, 0331-4069160

Structure of Law Journal

About LLJ

The Leaders Law Journal has been envisioned as a leading scholarly journal from Pakistan. Original research projects in socio-legal and policy studies are welcomed by LLJ, especially those addressing significant social and legal concerns in Pakistan as well as problems with the implementation of policies. With the assistance of a sizable network of esteemed local academics and professionals, LLJ adheres to a peer-review policy. LLJ aims to encourage and contribute to the development of a research culture that is both socially and legally relevant. The journal disclosures what is the advanced legal research and policy studies and how it ought to be in its local, regional and global contexts.

Current Issues: Call for articles

Editorial Board Members:
Dr. Aatir Rizvi

HOD Law Department, 
Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Law School, Bokhari Building
GCU, Lahore.

Dr. Jafar Riaz Kataria 

Assistant Professor
Department of Criminology, Sociology & Demography 
Institute of Social and Cultural Studies,
University of the Punjab,

Call for Paper:

Call for Papers 

Scholarly articles are invited to be submitted for the Leaders Law Journal’s inaugural volume or issue. The journal makes an effort to address Pakistan’s current lack of high-quality research journals that adhere to a fair peer-review methodology. With the assistance of well-known local academics and professionals, LLJ carefully adheres to a peer-review policy.

Scholarly articles on socio-legal concerns, public policy, and social justice are published in the journal. However, it will promote submissions on the local social and legal repercussions of global strategy shifts, social justice, and structural modifications as they affect Pakistani citizens.

Submission Process:

All manuscripts must be sent to in MS Word format. The LLJ uses the OSCOLA citation style, and it is strongly advised that all manuscripts be written in accordance with the OSCOLA style manual. The word limit for contributions is 8,000 words for original research papers/articles and 3000 words for book reviews, case laws. Articles submitted will be reviewed and assessed by LLJ. The LLJ Editorial Collectively holds authority over final decision on whether to publish the articles submitted.

For further information, please contact:

Via Post:

Leads Law College, 284, Block-2, Sector C1, Shah Jilani Road, Township, Lahore. Pakistan.
Phone: +92-42-35465143          Whatsapp# 0300-0900616, 0331-4069160 

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